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      Peebee, to me, your position is a double edged sword.

      My thinking is clear cut. I hold the same view whether as a person living in the UK or as an expat outside.

      The core cause of anti-EU sentiment in Britain is the influx of newly joined member states nationals to work. It is my viewpoint that the press jumped on board this bandwagon and has taken a strategic position of stating time and time again that the EU membership is to be blamed for the influx of EU nationals from lower standard of living countries to improve their lot in Britain at the expense of Brits being employed. This is proven wrong factually time and time again.

      Yes, there are those "other" EU nationals claiming for benefits for their children back in their home countries while the parents work in UK. That is wrong…. Can you see the Greeks doing that easily? Anyway, that has been corrected, or is in the process of being corrected for the UK.

      That issue like many are in the hands of the UK government. UK’s incredibly liberal attitudes in "EU freedom of movement of people" do not match those of Greece. Has anyone ever tried to claim benefits there. For the most part it is a nightmare. You see it is Greece for the Greeks first, then others. Under EU regulations this surely is not allowed. But in practice it is taken for granted every day that it is Greeks first and then everyone else after in the land of democratic principles. Is it fair? The Greeks would say so. If as an EU national resident in Greece, you persevere, you will get what you justly deserve under the law. Benefits will then be paid at Greek levels not those of the UK.

      In the UK that is way I always felt it should be too. But consecutive Westminster governments continue to bend over backwards to foreigners and now if you are Anglo Saxon white can get the short end of the wedge. The original inhabitants, the whites are a minority in our own country, or soon will be.

      So what I am saying in short is that we have to take care of our own first. We have the ability to do so. But that does not mean having to leave the EU. Just get our own priorities right. Charity starts at home. We already have it in our own hands to take control. So why are consecutive governments so weak not to stand their ground and put Brits first just like the Greeks put Greeks first in their own land. The same EU laws apply in Greece as it does in the UK. How have they (the Greeks) got it right for their needs when we in UK got it so wrong?

      This is what I think and a diversion for a moment. We need a #DonaldTrump-like character in UK to shake up the political establishment so pathetically entrenched in its own sacrosanct position of power; of lining the pockets of its adherents not benefitting, and at the expense of, the population at large. Then at the other extreme a media pushing a liberal agenda where anything goes even anarchy if it served its purpose to instate raw socialism.

      To sum up, we have control of our destiny, then let us use it. Forget political correctness. So what if the EU fines UK every day for taking back its government’s responsibility to its own people? Other EU countries are doing it all the time and getting up the noses of the EU Commission but they are not threatening to pull out….. It is called justice and a balancing of power.

      #DavidCameron was nothing less than an idiot for calling for a referendum in the first place. If he had more balls and confidence in his own ability this would never have happened. But it did. Now we as expats face the consequences if a population fed up with politicians in the UK throws us to the wolves… Because, do you think the Greece will be extra nice to us if we as Brit passport holders living amongst them. Well, I don’t. They even like Putin. And that says it all. They are pragmatic just like we as Brits should be.

      Stay in is better than being out. Like every EU member state we took on board, membership as a package. That includes warts and all. That is far better than as an outsider. The Norwegians tell us don’t do it, even though it works – I do not know how well – for them. Even Obama (grrrrrr) stuck his unwanted oar in this past week. But he made a clear statement. It is not in America’s interest for Britain to be Out of the EU.

      If you have not voted yet, please do so in our poll atop this posting. Our forum has many outside observers. Comments made hear do carry interest further afield. It is just a pity that so many believe in FB rather than a discourse in a forum, like this. None the less this poll has generated more votes than any other by far since we started in early 2000s.

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