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      tash_n_tail wrote: Title: Cactus Candy
      Categories: Candies
      Yield: 6 servings

      3 c Granulated sugar
      1 c Water
      2 tb Orange juice
      1 tb Lemon juice

      From: Arizona Cookbook

      Select prickly pear cactus (or small barrel cactus if you own this
      type of cactus, since it’s illegal to remove it from the desert).
      Remove spines and outside layer with large knife. Cut pulp across in
      slices one-inch thick. Soak overnight in cold water. Remove from
      water, cut in one0inch cubes and cook in boiling water til tender.
      Drain. Cook slowly in the following syrup until nearly all the syrup
      is absorbed. Do not scorch!


      Heat all ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Then add cactus.
      Remover cactus from syrup, drain and roll in granulated or powdered
      sugar. For colored cactus candy, any vegetable food coloring may be
      added to the syrup.

      Categories: Salads, New Mex, Mexican
      Yield: 4 servings

      24 oz sliced or diced
      prickly pear cactus
      2 md tomatoes, coarsely chopped
      1 sm onion, chopped
      2 T snipped fresh cilantro
      3 T vegetable oil
      4 ts white wine vinegar
      1/4 ts salt
      1/4 ts dried oregano leaves
      Dash of pepper

      This is from "Betty Crocker’s New International Cookbook". According to the
      recipe, "No salad is more characteristic of Mexico than Cactus Salad.
      Nopal, or
      prickly pear cactus paddles, are fleshy little wedges that are delicious
      tossed with a vinaigrette. The dressing above features aromatic cilantro.

      Place cactus, tomatoes, onion and cilantro in glass or plastic bowl.
      Shake remaining ingredients in tightly covered jar. Pour over vegetables;
      toss. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours. Serve on lettuce leaves if
      desired. 6 servings.


      The recipe states, "These cacti are not so viciously spined as many
      others. The paddles (leaves) are the edible portion, a great favorite in
      Mexican cooking. Called nopalitos, they are boiled and eaten crisp-tender,
      dressed in salads, or served tender and hot, as a cooked vegetable. Their
      little spines must be removed before cooking. Look in specialty stores
      featuring Mexican groceries for cans and fresh nopalitos."

      Agua Fresca de Fruta – Mexican Fruit Cooler

      Recipe By :
      Serving Size : 0 Preparation Time :0:00
      Categories : Beverage

      Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
      ——– ———— ——————————–
      2 cups cold water
      1 cup ice
      2 cups fruit (cut into 1-inch pieces unless
      otherwise specified)
      1/4 cup sugar — or to taste
      1 tablespoon fresh lime juice — or to taste

      This basic recipe is delicious with any of the fruits/herbs listed below
      In a blender combine all ingredients and blend on high speed until
      completely smooth. Pour cooler through a fine sieve into a glass pitcher.
      Chill cooler and stir before serving. Makes about 5 cups.
      Suggested fruits: honeydew or cantaloupe mango (use only 1 cup fruit;
      about 1 small mango) pineapple with a few fresh basil leaves watermelon
      strawberries (halved) with a few fresh mint leaves papaya seedless red
      grapes (whole) red or green cactus pears (also known as prickly pears;
      available at specialty produce markets and some supermarkets), halved,
      pulp and seeds scooped out (wear rubber gloves)
      If you want, you can always add a shot of Tequila to above drink to make
      it alcoholic.
      Recipe is from June 1997 Gourmet Magazine.

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