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Reply To: Snowy weather

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      I never meant to intimate that anyone was trapped.

      The news reported to me was a village of thousands over 400 meters high in Heraklion Prefecture. I believe it got down to -15 some time in past few days. Today I see it is now 3 degrees, so yes getting warmer. No doubt in a few days, one might expect to see some off season tourists wandering around in the day light sun time in light clothing, as the temperature increases. There have been years when the temperature reached over 30 degrees in January. I have had it reported to me that Cretans of past times they were walking around one year on New Year Eve walking around in T-Shirts in Heraklion as so warm.

      Seems very natural to me that when highly unusual weather of -15 that many people would stay indoors and keep warm as best they can as well as taking care that neighbours are ok, that Cretans are very good at.

      There were many years on Crete when locals did not see snow (Chioni, χιόνι). It was a total novelty for some of them see it. that one word repeated loudly ‘Chioni’

      World weather has had unusual occurrences in recent years.

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