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      We are desperate to leave Greece. Big mistake to come here! Racist comment yesterday (yet another) along the lines of "you English………. showed just how much we are appreciated for all the 1000s of Euros we spend propping up the economy! Don’t want to go back full time to the UK but had enough of here. Think very carefully Mr Ricky! All we wanted was a quiet relaxing life and we have been fighting non stop battles and have been ripped off as most expats are. It doesn’t matter how very careful and thorough you are doing research etc Bottom line is basically any Greek with a little bit of power/money/authority treats you like …. Beware of Greeks baring gifts – haven’t seen any with gifts but they ALL want something. By the way we have some lovely Greek friends and acquaintances who are "ordinary’ people in shops and tavernas etc I feel sorry for them as they aren’t treated well.
      Think carefully – DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!

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