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Reply To: UK: Provision for 2nd EU Referendum :: Sign Petition

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      Oh Latsida please! Are you trying to tell us all that Mark Carney, out of the goodness of his heart has sent the British people a message of calm – he is an ex Goldman Sachs employee, so is his deputy in the BofE. So is Mario Draghi an ex Goldman Sachs employee, now enjoying top job in European Bank Commission in the EU – take a look at how the people who brought Europe to it’s knees in the 2008 crash, have been strategically placed into policy-making positions in the world of finance – please look at the bigger picture and read more on the internet, you know the stuff that the BBC DON’T want us to read/hear about. The EU fools have been fooled themselves by the "little people" (that’s us by the way, the ones who have to repay all the money that the likes of Goldman Sachs lost through their own greed) who now have access to the world on the internet and have become much better informed by the investigatory journalists who dig deep to find out what is really making the world go around! That’s why my hero is Nigel Farage who stood up to these arrogant people so many times in the EU parliament, not an easy task – but he is just being open and accountable about what goes on in this ridiculous den of iniquity in Brussels and thank goodness he has and others who won’t be trampled on, including all the "little people" who the arrogant ones thought were stupid too! The people of the UK – their game is up and even if the world is turned upside down for a while – don’t blame the leavers, blame the people who drove them to make the decision they did, when they realized the game was up.

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