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Reply To: UK: Provision for 2nd EU Referendum :: Sign Petition

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      We have become too politically correct.
      Recriminations over Brexit? I certainly hope so.
      I wish people would call a spade a spade.
      Of course people are going to be aggrieved by the Brexit decision.
      Me for one as an expat in Greece just because I chose to retire in Europe not UK.
      I should be paid ALL benefits that I would be entitled to in UK. Not relegated to being a second class citizen.

      I recall no one complained loudly enough at the time when Prime Minister Brown sold the family jewels (gold reserves too cheaply) to prop up his massive indebtedness to keep paying out the huge overly bloated benefits to middle England. Conversely, now the Eton boys have gone too far with austerity pummelling the low income groups.

      UK has been in a financial mess for years. Glaswegians and their local economy simply couldn’t survive without England underwriting it. I am sure the same can be said for several UK regions also.

      So we ended up with Brexit”¦.

      The mess is going to get worse for years to come.

      Why should I be politically correct, a spade is a spade.

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