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Reply To: UK: Provision for 2nd EU Referendum :: Sign Petition

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      Please note that the petition referred to was started by a "Leave" supporter, some time BEFORE the referendum. He was expecting a marginal "remain" win and wanted to try to head it off:

      I think it highly unlikely that the government will do anything – especially since David Cameron has stated categorically that there will NOT be a second referendum.

      In any case, the Referendum result is considered "advisory" – not legally binding – so our illustrious PM could immediately state that he’s going to ignore it and it’s business as usual. I can’t see how it would affect him since he’s already stated that he’ll resign.

      However, maybe that’s just another lie like "I’ll submit Article 50 immediately if ‘Leave’ wins". He didn’t. In fact he’s doing nothing at all to save the economy. The entire planet is in limbo because of him. He has two choices – instigate Leave or confirm Remain – and he’s doing neither. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!


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