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      Dear Teresatimeout

      Strange response from you. I was one of the two to reply to your original message. My intention was to be helpful, whereas you prefer to insult the two of us who have bothered to respond to you. Wonder if you are any reason that your son is finding difficulty finding work. I am based in UK and see little reason why someone of his age has been out of work for 9 months.

      I do wonder what you mean by “your kind”, the responses were purely to a young Brit seeking work on Crete.

      What Kefalas said in my opinion was what he/she would have replied to any Brit. If you son speaks several appropriate languages then that would be a help to him. In recent years on Crete have noticed that Russian is often a language advertised, along with knowledge of Greek.

      There are a number of young foreigners who work on Crete, but they work extremely long hours for low pay, often work in the ‘black’. The big problem is finding accommodation and somewhere to do their laundry, as a room will often not come with the appropriate laundry facilities.

      The stories I have heard from some young Brits who went to work on Crete, they arrived with X amount of £, usually a few thousand, they found some work, but come the end of the season the money they arrived with was often almost spent with them leaving themselves enough to get home or arranging with mum/dad to send them the return airfare.

      I do know a number of young Cretans who are having problems finding work. Some of them do not get paid for months – that is complicated as if they leave then they have little chance of ever getting paid. One chap I know gets paid now and again some of what is owed to him. Last time it was 6 months pay, much of it he used to pay back to people he had borrowed from in the meantime.

      I see no reason why you should be shoved off this site, purely because of your rudeness and not wishing to tell your whole truth.

      All good luck to you son.

      7A746D7D6B7D796B292A2B180 wrote: Thank you for responses but son has now found employment all be it part time. I havent been on here to see if there where any other responses to my post because of the way the first response was worded. I dont want to get personal but I believe that it could have been put in a kinder way…It gave the impression to me that dont bother dont want your kind over in crete etc etc. I do believe that this site is run by "old giffers" and that perhaps if they were to be in the uk at this particular time their views would be alot different, not to show off about how many buissiness it has BACK in the uk. Not bothered if these comments get me shoved off this site but come on get real and help your fellow man.

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