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        It is now about 7 years since we paid Mark Last a 38000 euro deposit for a house .
        Suffice to say, it was never even started.
        We sent him loads of emails and i think he got fed up with it all , so he came up with the plan that we should purchase a plot of ground between us ( there is another couple involved in this , they paid a deposit as well).
        Anyway , he said that he would use our deposit to pay the final stages of the build, after we paid for the land ,building permit ,concrete etc etc. When it was time for him to part with some money for the rest of the build . Lo and behold , he didnt have any money .
        We both had to finish the houses at our own expense.
        Both house are finished now and are fantastic.
        They ended up around 50,000 euro more than they should have cost us because he renaiged once again.
        So , that is our story, the deposit plus the extra for the build .
        A very nice man . I think not .
        Ps. I wont hide behind my britsin crete name .
        There is no fool like an old fool..

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            added the above previous thread on this person/company

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