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        Has any-one had an recent contact or experience of this company ? We paid over the first installment for a house on a development that was supposed to commence building the day after the funds were handed over.
        Suffice it to say nothing happened and almost two years later there is still no movement – with what contact there has been with the developer ( Mark Last ) initiated by me.
        Now the site has closed so I suspect a "runner"
        Any tips on how I proceed ?

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            Did you have a Lawyer??? If so get them to take legal proceedings.

            Lazy John
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                We bought a mark last house…along with others wish we had not. The IKA plus other taxes were not paid (although we had paid in full) Ended up paying thousands of euros to get the house legal…Mark Last promised me he would pay me back but……that was pie in the sky….By all means get a lawyer (if you can find a good one)….but i think you would be wasting your time and money…John. ps sorry if this is a bit late but had to post ….pm me if you need to know more.

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                    Sent you a PM, Wicker. Log in and click on ‘messages’ to retrieve it!


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                        Hi John

                        we also bought a house from Mark Last and we are in the same postion as you I wonder how many more people on this island he has promised to pay back. I suspect quite a few.. I think he is making money at the moment in Thailand but I would be very surprised if we ever see any off it..

                        regards Anne

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                            Wicker, did you you have a written agreement of some sort, and was it notarised?

                            If he’s in Thailand, you’ll be lucky to get any satisfaction financially, I guess, but if there is a sound contract, you may have the satisfaction of getting a judgment against his name. Depends whether you want to pay out more nmoney just for that.

                            Sorry to hear about your problem, there are too many of these swines about, Greek and English.


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                                He must also be a tax dodger in Greece and therefore a "wanted" man! I am sure the Greeks would be keen to go after an expat who owes tax in this country – if he returns!

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