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        It would help to make the forum more interesting if you could attach a graphic file or a photo to a post. You just need to upload the item from your computer. There is an option to include more visuals by clicking on the arrows next to "Attachments1" below every posting window. The maximum file size should 500k and any one of the following visual file types can be uploaded: psd pdf bmp jpg jpeg gif (including animated gif) png and swf .



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            OK. I haven’t used this facility previously because I assumed you’d want to minimise server usage.
            I hereby hand over my exclusive rights to this photo of a gecko.  :)

            By the way, anyone uploading a photo should confirm that the image belongs to them and that they have exclusive rights to it. Otherwise, you should delete it in order to avoid probable hounding by the likes of Getty Images!

            (A simple "I took this photo" or "Here’s a photo I took" will do.)

            Also, I’d suggest an upper limit on file size of, say, 50KB, otherwise uploading will be slow, take up bandwidth and use up even more server space. (That’s probably too technical for some so maybe you can set it not to accept files that are too large.)

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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