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ADSL broadband/ phone

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        In a couple of weeks time, I shall be moving to a house on the outskirts of Kalives (towards Kera), which has a fixed telephone line.
        I am unsure whether to go for a connection with OTE, as I have heard a number of bad reports about their service, or to pick another provider.
        If I go for someone such as Forthnet, Cyta or Vodafone, will they supply and maintain the telephone connection as well as the broadband connection, as I’m not sure if there is an existing phone number assigned to the property.

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            I recommend Hellas Online, OTe was ok but the routers a bit
            crap and the connection has drops out more often than HOL

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                I would just confirm that OTe would not get a recommend from us. When OTe connected us the service was diabolical and complaints from us naturally blamed the weather, the electricity, the distance from Rethymno… and our brand new computer. In the end another engineer of surly disposition called, tested and we watched as he had to rewire all the external connections made by the first chap. The system then worked, for a while. The OTe router is certainly of an inferior type frequently causing problems and we have not managed to get our issues resolved with OTe after several months.

                Do choose someone else. I think that it was on this issue that someone a while back was recommending a Vodafone service but I cannot now locate the piece.

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