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        Can anyone give us information on claiming back airport tax,
        my wife travelled to the UK two weeks ago flying from Heraklion to Athens, Athens to Gatwick and then Gatwick to Plymouth and has just completed the return leg, i believe you can claim back some of the airport taxes when flying with different airlines from the same airport
        Many Thanks

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            Re post from my original on this subject in July 2010!

            The actual charge is not ‘Tax’. It is a charge in respect of the ‘Airport Development Fund’.

            If you are using Aegean, on your in bound flight, before you check in, go to the ticket desk in Athens and present your Aegean ticket and boarding card for the flight you arrived in Athens on. The refund will be given by the staff on the desk, using the card on which you paid.

            Out bound is not so straight forward, you need to contact the flight operator. I wrote to Easyjet and had a refund of the charge. With a covering letter, I sent a copy of my ticket confirmation from them, copies of the boarding passes (for both flights used on the return journey) together with a copy of the charge details here:


            Highlight the appropriate item near the bottom!  The refund eventually came through.

            In the past I have had no luck with KLM, though BA were very good refunding both Taxes and the Airport fund charge when I had to cancel flights at very short notice in February.

            Good luck


            PS! Obviously yours will be a retrospective claim, suggest you write as described for the outbound leg to your airline, sending copies of all of your documentation. Allowing for postage you may consider it not worthwhile for a total refund of about 24€, however.

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                here you are Mark
                Sorry Kathleen we were composing at the same time and then I had to correct my link.

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