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        Hello! We are a couple of practitioners of bioenergetic therapies who decided to move to this beautiful island. We use alternative therapies to help heal the body by approaching health from the energetic point of view.

        All illness and pain -even in the emotional field- is encoded in an energy matrix in the form of energy blockages or disturbances. Re-balancing energetic body, will automatically have noticeable positive results in the physical, mental and emotional health.

        In order to do this, we use different techniques, such as:

        Biomagnetic Pair (Biomagnetism)
        Bioenergetic Cleaning and Balancing
        Applied Kinesiology
        Releasing of Negative Stuck Emotions

        More information:
        Facebook: Biomagnetismus Europe

        Thank you!

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            Alternatively you could stick a AAA battery where the sun don’t shine. It will be just as effective.

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                I wish there was a like button…..hahahaha

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                    5447415C565D5A5E50040504350 wrote:

                    More information:
                    Facebook: Biomagnetismus Europe

                    tried to look it up, as it took me only either to Spain or Tenerif, did not read further

                    no idea what the point of your posting was.

                    have had some chuckles at the other replies – thanks people

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                        If you look for biomagnetismus.europe on Facebook, you will find us.
                        Indeed, there is a lot of information in Spanish about those therapies, that is because it is a very well known technique in Spain and Latin America.

                        We all know western medicine, although it saves many lives every day, sometimes it is not enough. Alternative medicine such as Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Biomagnetism  and many others, also save many lives every day (with no negative side-effects), but for some reason, they are not so publicized.
                        Cheers!  8-)

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