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Annual IKA Book Updating is Now

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        For #expat residents in #Crete

        For those of you familiar with the practice, each February we have to visit our local IKA office and "check in" and have a fresh printed page attached to the IKA health book. Or in my case last year it was just a fresh date chop and signature to the previous year’s update.

        I am assured that there have been no bureaucratic changes in the preceding year.

        So we just need to go to regular "window" at the IKA office and present three documents, as soon as possible:

        1. The current health book.
        2. Passport. In the case of #Brits as we do not have ID cards issued from UK, but other EU nationals can present their national IDs.
        3. Proof of payment of your tax (print out by your accountant as proof). Our local office says my accountant to fax it directly to the IKA office. The accountants and tax officials tend to know each other anyway. The accountants who handle personal tax returns know you need to do this each year.

        You may be asking who has the right to public health care in Greece. So those who come from another EU country and transfer their "lives" to move their residence to Greece will go through this process. Those on temporary stay resort to the E121/EHIC.

        Your IKA book from the Greek authorities only covers you in Greece as a permanent resident in the country. It is no help outside Greece in the rest of the European Union. If you travel around the EU, for Brits, you still need to get the EHIC card from DHSS. It should be issued a few months after you come to live permanently in Greece after the paperwork has been exchanged.

        For now there is no direct connection or link with state health care provisions in Greece for foreigners and the residence permit.

        I am writing this informally. A reminder. What I may experience at my IKA office may not be what others experience in their location. But I think I have covered the basics. 

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