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Another Blow :: Sunak to Penalise Some Brits Retiring Abroad from 2022

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        It is all about the future state pension payments for true expats retiring abroad by Rishi Sunak, our UK Financial Secretary

        Well, What about if you’ve led a fulfilling expat life in Australia, New Zealand or Canada and are thinking to retire in Crete, Greece, or any other EU location or even Switzerland in 2022?

        Then your London government is telling you, you will be penalised if you don’t retire in UK!

        SO, it looks like you need to do your financial planning NOW.

        The fact is that if you are already an expat involved in living in Canada, Australia or New Zealand and paid contributions, you are most affected by this planned new arrangement. But it could get worse, if you start to analyse the British Government’s mind set.

        This is an urgent notice. Let your expat friends and family be aware that if they are considering moving to retire in Crete or elsewhere in Greece or the EU (except Ireland?) of what is being planned by the Tory Government for those who are working or have worked in those other locations (Australia, Canada and New Zealand) and decide to retire in Crete/Greece/Europe, not Britain. All this reinforces what I have thought for a long time: once you leave the UK you become a second class citizen because you exit the government’s ability to keep you in its tax net. You work hard for a lifetime; pay all your contributions, yet at the end of it, you get screwed. It is not good enough.

        You may ask: Why put this pension payment news here in this forum?

        My reply would be: This kind of article, which is assumed to be accurate in its reporting, indicates the mind set of the greedy, grabbing establishment UK civil Services. When you consider it is difficult enough now in the post Brexit era, for British citizens to retire in any EU country, just see how this new impending law will impact on those who just happened to have lived in our allies’ countries – Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Isn’t it clear what is happening? It reminds me of the lengths the then Tory government went to, to not pay the winter fuel allowance to those who had retired to Europe, citing UK was colder than places like the Mediterranean countries? If you don’t know what I am meaning, then come and live in winter around the Med. We don’t need fires? Get a life. And what about the high summer costs of air conditioning?

        Rishi Sunak’s new bill, likely controversial (yet another) comes from an article on May 11, 2021 in the Daily Express . The article explains the ramifications to retire abroad, be it to Crete, Greece or even Switzerland, in fact anywhere but the UK, if you have ever paid contributions in Oz, Canada, or NZ.


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