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        Sadly I have had to say goodbye to my adorable tortoise Jimmy, who was found on the roadside in Knossos.  Luckily I contacted Aquaworld in Hersonissos as even though I had offers from people to take Jimmy due to my leaving Crete soon, I was worried he would not receive the care and attention I had given him.  It was very much a trial and error when I first got him as to what to feed him, but through forums and a mixture of weeds/flowers etc I found his favourites,  He has to have been the best pet I have ever had the experience of (and I have had iguanas and tarantulas etc in the past) and now he will be joining his new friends at Aquaworld. 

        Even though I have lived here for five years I never visited Aquaworld, as whenever I passed by I always thought it for marine life.  How wrong I was.  Visit their site and you will see the variety of rescue pets there – iguanas, snakes, terrapin, etc and all reliant on donations from visitors for their care and upkeep. 

        So I would like to recommend visitors to this animal haven and any of you in tourism, give them a little push so they may remain operating.  We all know times are hard and animals need to be fed and cared for.  You can visit their site and become a sponsor.

        I am happy I can sponsor Jimmy and also know he will give happiness to visitors at Aquaworld.

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            Totally agree – this is a lovely place to go – the owners are so welcoming and knowledgeable about their occupants. Each ‘lodger’ has its own story and the people there are very willing to tell you all about them, if you wish. Have been there many times, both when on holiday and since living here, and thoroughly enjoy it every time. In this economic climate, I don’t know if this still happens, but once you visit you get a card which allows you to return free-of-charge, but this is only during a single summer. But the entrance fee is so low, anyway, it really doesn’t matter!
            :) :) :)

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