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        As you may already know, sunday November 8th is Arkadi day here in Rethymno. Part of the tradition of this day is the run from Arkadi monastery to Rethymno. Although we don’t do any-thing special here in our Meze place / bar, it ‘s on the runners route and you are more than welcome to come and join  the locals and tourists alike cheer the runners on.

        We always have a laugh and it’s a good atmosphere. Last year my husband decided to give the runners a choice of a bottle of Johnny Walker or water   we were in fits when one old guy ran on, then thought about the choice he’d made and came back for the whiskey! He also got a huge round of applause and we had a good laugh!

        Whatever goes on, whether we cook outside, or just have cheesey potatoe wedges and a few beers, it’s a nice afternoon.

        We’re not a brit bar, it’s very much a place for the locals, although we do have our fair share of foreigners. Every-one is welcome, just don’t expect bingo or any-thing like that ’cause you’ll be a bit disappointed.

        If you are around this way on sunday, pass by and say hello
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      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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