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ATM Users in Greece to Pay More Fees from July 1, 2019

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        For those who rely on taking money from Automated Teller Machines in Greece, now face extra charges.

        You are liable in Greece and use an ATM, if:

        1.  You hold foreign bank cards

        2.  Use electronic money cards

        3.  have a Greek bank account and cash at other banks’s machines.

        The reason for this latest move according to  is to equalise fee charges to bring in line with usage of ATMs as already applied to tourists. From July 1st, 2019, all bank groups in Greece introduced the new fee structure except the Bank of Piraeus which comes into line on July 22, 2019.

        At least for Greek account holders, withdrawing cash at their own bank’s ATMs will continue to be fee free.

        The fees are also being charged to Greek account holders withdrawing cash from ATMs in other Eurozone countries as well.

        Some fine tuning in fees may take place later.

        Charges in Greece and within the Eurozone countries

        Alpha Bank : Up to € 150: € 1.50; €160 to 250 euros: €1,60 euros, then for more than 250 euros withdrawal the fee increases to €1,65.

        Eurobank is taking a conservative approach with just a EUR 1,60 service fee, irrespective of amount.

        National Bank; Withdrawals Up to € 150 the cost is € 1.30. From 160 to 250 euros it is 1.40 euros. Over 250 EUR the fee is €1,60.

        Piraeus Bank: Up to € 250: € 1.40; and over EUR 250 it is a set fee of EUR 2.20

        Withdrawals at ATMs outside the Eurozone 

        Alpha Bank = 1% of the withdrawal amount with a minimum of € 4.40 per transaction

        Eurobank =  1.05% of the withdrawal amount.

        Greek National Bank =  1% of the withdrawal amount with a minimum of € 3 and a maximum of € 5 per transaction.

        Piraeus Bank =   Expenses € 4 per transaction plus 2% on the withdrawal amount with a minimum of 1 euro and a maximum of 30 euro per transaction.

        Here is an explanation in Greek via youtube (Με επιπλέον χρέωση οι αναλήψεις μετρητών σε ΑΤΜ – Τώρα ό,τι συμβαίνει 30/6/2019 | OPEN TV)


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