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BA Cargo Handlers Peeing in 747 Aircraft :: Possible Danger

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        Not to be seen as BA bashing in the forum but this seems highly probable considering the location of aircraft, nearest staff toilets and the mentality of many workers.

        But there we go.

        It appears that baggage handling staff working for British Airways (BA) have well and truly been caught with their pants down. The Sun has reported that Britain’s flag carrier has issued a notice to these members of its ground staff, asking them to refrain from relieving themselves in the cargo holds of BA’s 747 aircraft. Not nice but there could be a metal corrosion issue in an aircraft’s airframe and therefore a danger.

        Original story here

        If we are talking guys here, can’t they tuck a plastic container in their back pocket. I have never heard of such nonsense for all the years I have been around the airline industry. Shows the manners and potty training of today’s Brits. Shameful. I am not sympathetic….I have to cope in extenuating circumstances so why can’t they? Fire them if caught. No mercy. Where is the discipline. And no Trades Union defense crap… p-l-e-a-s-e.

        PS: Didn’t someone tell me that male urine IS more corrosive than female? I do know it expedites the breakdown of vegetable waste into manure.

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