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Gardening_in_Crete and Local Flora and Fauna
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        If you are interested in keeping the bee population alive you might be interested in this

        I’ve just discovered that Decis which I have used here is one of the insecticides which is harmful to bees! Does anyone know of any others sold in Greece, which should be avoided?

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                I’ve been listening to debates on this subject for a while now and it’s interesting to note that experts detected a problem over 5 years ago and nothing has been done about it until now. I listened to Jeremy Vine on the radio today and he was discussing this subject – but something has occurred to me and I wonder if I am the only person who thinks……"if these pesticides are damaging the nerve system and brains of bees and breaking down their immune system what are they doing to the humans in the food chain?" Fresh fruit and vegetables come with far too many pesticides and chemicals on/in them and plastic bags of salad leaves puffed up with gas to give them shelf life, which are serving us with a cocktail of toxins. Does this make anybody else wonder or have I missed something?

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