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BIG furniture and homeware stores please

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        Shortly coming out to furnish my villa for rental initially and need to find cheap but good quality stuff like ikea has( which I love) I know there is an ikea in Chania but they don’t have much homeware and limited furniture compared with uk ikeas and not all is orderable from here.
        Are there any big stores like that where you can get everything for the house, in the Chania or Rethyno area?
        Tried looking online with not much success.
        Is M&S still in Chania and does that have the usual home stuff like towels , and kitchen bits?

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            There’s Simple City and Oikos (eekoss), both near Chania. They are not large compared with UK stores and have limited choice.

            M&S in Hania looks set to close. It’s small and carries only clothing. However, lots of shops carry towels & stuff. There’s a new shop in "garage alley" (used to be a Chinese shoe shop) that sells kitchenware. It’s next to the IKA offices building on the main road.

            Most shops are small and either have no web site or else it’s in Greek – which obviously you won’t find by searching English words.

            Nomad Crete Express offers a collect and deliver service from Ikea UK (and possibly other stores).

            In addition, you can order stuff via Amazon, eBay, etc. for delivery to Crete. If you do so, make darn sure that your Greek mobile number is included on the address label.

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