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Blocking Calls :: Latest Telephone Scam in UK

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        TPS is FREE.
        Don’t be fooled by tricksters who pretend to be from the Telephone Preference Service selling the message that to be listed you have to PAY. Not true. The caller will try to get a credit card’s details in order to stop any nuisance phone call.

        Individuals do not need to pay to make use of this service.

        What is TPS?

        Their website is here:

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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            As a result of phone calls, my mother, since passed on, managed to acquire THREE insurance policies for Sky Digital. She never had Sky Digital – she had Virgin Media.

            As I was by then living here on Crete, it was a little difficult to sort it out but eventually I got a very helpful local councillor involved, who got the police to call round. They frog-marched mum to her bank and got the direct debits cancelled. Mum was told in no uncertain terms NOT to answer the phone to anyone she didn’t already know.

            All was well for about six months then mum phoned me.
            "Son, you’ll be so proud of me. A nice young man phoned me (my heart sank) and told me that he could rent me a device that will block unwanted callers! So it’s in the post."

            "Oh, how much?"

            "Only £20 a month rental."

            "Did he explain how to program it?"

            "Oh, no. Will I need to do that?"

            "Yes, mum, because I can’t do it for you from here."

            "Oh, I’ve made a mistake again, haven’t I?" (Sound of snuffling.)

            "Well, you could buy one outright for £60 and you’ve agreed to pay £20 a month for the rest of your life."

            (More snuffling.)

            "I’ll get my brother to drive down and sort it out. When the parcel arrives, refuse to accept it, OK?"

            (More snuffling.)

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