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        So, remember the journalist repudiated for his so-called treachery he has written an amazing analysis of why middle England shafted Britain’s elites.

        It is a long read, but honestly no matter which side of the vote you were on, it is worth a read. There are many links to other articles adding further explanations as to why the average older British voter repudiated the voice of the establishment and the media.

        Also when reading #GlennGreenwald’s article, bear in mind that the vast majority of today’s (over educated) 18-24 year olds voted to stay in the EU – the senior citizen generation, of which only 5% went to university in the period 1960-1974 (ref: Hansard) were the drivers of the Brexit vote. But it is the latter group who appear to have most clearly thought through their decision.

        Grab a drink and settle down for a great read:

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