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British Mother Murder Shocks Greek Government into Law Change

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        Caroline and Harry, AthensIntensely sad news from Athens over the death of a young Brit

        Earlier this month, Athens witnessed the brutal torture and chilling murder of 20 year old British mum, Caroline in front of her 11 month old baby girl, in her own home. What is more, the crime has heavily impacted on the Greek Government. In fact the series of crimes committed at the murder scene were so bad, that the Greek administration is now set to change quickly the related Criminal Code. This, according to the Greek Justice Minister, Konstantinos Tsiaras who is quoted as telling local TV that discussions had already taken place by an oversight committee on legal matters.

        Mr Tsiaras went on to say that new legislation will be put before the Greek parliament ‘this summer’. The key change in the law covers the length of life sentences for convicted criminals which are to increase from the current 16 years to 20 years before parole is to be considered. Another key senior minister,  Michalis Chrisochoidis (Public Order Ministry) said that he too was shaken up by the case of Caroline’s murder.

        A suspected assailant, from the Republic of Georgia, one of several, was arrested according to police when trying to cross a land border with Bulgaria using a fake passport. They were able to identified him by linking another serious crime, thought to be with other perpetrators also, close by to Caroline’s home with a similar modus operandi.

        Caroline’s husband, 32-year-old airline pilot Charalambos Anagnostopoulos was in the home at the time of the attack and is helping police identify the perpetrators. He was also reportedly assaulted and tied up.

        Extremely Callous Crime included the Family Pet

        The sheer callousness of the list of crimes is exemplified by what happened to the family pet. Their dog was hung by its own lead according to police and was left to die in front of the family.

        You can read the story in two parts at the neocosmos website: a) of the tragic event and b) the subsequent apprehension and arrest of a suspect.

        Fortunately Greece can considered a safe country and such awful crimes are few and far between.

        Our condolences to the families and friends involved. RIP Caroline.

        Photo:  Caroline and Charalambos in happier days. Credit: Instagram


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