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Brussels Wins in Olive Oil Servings at Your Table

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        When the new law was first mooted, Mediterranean countries were up in arms. In the interest of hygiene the hundreds of years tradition of serving the condiments in re-usable bottles/containers was to be cast aside in favour of Macdonalds-like packaging for the condiments.

        Of course when it came to olive oil, restaurants saw the benefits of refilling the olive oil and vinegar bottles from their bulk supply. Very often that was the eateries own output of olive oil from their own trees.

        Behind the move was indeed the big olive oil companies who lobbied hard for the new style of serving customers with ‘branded olive oil’. We can know why because the EU wanted (and will now get) sealed and labelled bottles for each customer sitting because otherwise it is a ‘hygiene’ risk. So we have been used to the traditional method of serving patrons for hundreds of years without much bother. But now it is unhygienic according to the wise fools at the EU in Brussels. Political correctness gone mad in favour of the big olive oil companies. Again the bureaucrats are putting money ahead of lifestyle and traditions.

        How kind of Brussels to leave it up to each restaurant to decide if each restauranteur will charge customers or not for sealed bottles of labelled olive oil.

        The Greek media is full of the story and quotes the Economics Ministry stating that the new measures come into affect on January 1, 2018.

        I may be tempted to bring my own bottle to the table, as our own village olive oil is superb stuff. 

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            Come on Greece more jobs for the boys the olive oil police, EU what a joke they are :clown and this is why Joe public is sick of Junker :clown and co.

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                The bulk of the oil is poured onto salads etc. in the kitchen.

                Just waiting for an entrepreneur to start selling a small machine to label & seal bottles in the kitchen!

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                    It is totally unfair to traditional Greek restaurants/tavernas, who have their own olive oil and gave without charging extra.

                    This will be how I will protest:

                    I would encourage as many people as possible to bring a bottle of their own olive oil with them. You can re-fill them yourself with local oil. Remember a small bottle and keep it in plastic bag, I would use one of those clear bags like one gets fruit/veg in shops and also wrap it in a paper towel.
                    (If I am out and about, would probably use a small water bottle, though if ore local would use a glass bottle).

                    It is so difficult now for establishments with the high 23% Tax they already have to add to the bill, or think of it this way, a quarter of your bill is tax. The establishment still has to pay tax on any profit later.

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                        This is exactly the sort of regulation that forced me to vote for Brexit. As a small business owner I was seeing more and more regulations that were clearly designed to favour big business and to put small businesses out to pasture.

                        Thankfully, this regulation will be impossible to enforce in Greece. Like the indoor smoking ban, it will be pursued for 6 months then dropped. (Not that I’m in favour of smoking! Just an example.)

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