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Buying a Bike – Resident Permit Needed?

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        Hi all and I hope I have posted this in the correct place. Apologies if not.

        I have a holiday home near Perema, which I have had for 10 years. Everything paperwork-wise is up to date – deeds, house tax, AFM, electricity, water etc.

        About three years ago I bought a small moped – again, I have all the correct paperwork (reg document, KTEO, tax, insurance).

        On a visit this year I started thinking about buying a bigger bike (I have a full licence) but some ex-pat friends said I would need a residency permit/ex-blue card. I don’t have one and didn’t need one when buying my existing moped. My lawyer has confirmed that I do indeed need the permit in order to buy a bike.

        So, has the law changed and can anyone advise on the process? I imagine it will be rather trying

        Cheers, John

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            getting a residency permit doesnt take very long. I got mine last summer from Vamos Police Station, which has since closes.

            I had to take 2 passport photos, a copy of my passport and the EHIC card. The office took copies and the passport and EHIC. He kept the photos for the file.
            He asked me to phone in a weeks time to see if its ready, but it wasnt, so I rung the next 2 days and still not ready.
            Eventually I went there in person and it was finally ready. A nice new residents permit that doesnt ever need renewing.
            A simple straight forward process.

            fireman sam
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                Hi Skaletaguy. Are you certain the resident permit never needs renewing? When I got mine (to buy a car) it’s got a date on it which I think was about 3 years hence. I presumed that was the ‘sell by’ date!?

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                    My beige coloured "Adeia" is dated 2009. It has no renewal date and I was informed that it is "indefinite". This might be different for non-EU residents (but I don’t think that Brexit will affect existing residency permits).

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