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Buying a renovation

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        What is the difference between a ‘license’ and a ‘contract’. Does the seller need to have these in their possession to make a sale legal? Is the license on paper? Would you buy a property if there is no contact?

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            The word licence has probably been translated from the Greek word ‘adeia’ which can also mean permission. You will need planning permission to renovate if you are planning to remove the roof for any reason. These laws are pretty much black and white but can be quite complicated at the same time. I have no idea of all the ins and outs. Best advice, find yourself an architect who specialises in the area of renovations.

            Contracts…. I have two questions for you. Would you buy a house in England without a contract…. No? so why would you do it here! Sorry to sound hard but it really is just common sense especially in a foreign country!

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                This site may help you:


                Just did a search and this popped up

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