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    Rob Pheby
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        Can anyone tell me if Flisvos car hire in Almryda has gone bust? Coming over to apartment later this month and tried to get in touch, but no response at Flisvos website?

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            No, it was there a few days ago! The one in Kalyves is also open.

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                A friend of ours tried to hire a car last week, none to be had in the Kalyves area. If you have no luck with Flisvos, try contacting Kalyves travel and see if they have anything for the time you are here (

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                    We always use Orca. Their terms include all insurance, including windscreen and damage to the underside of the car. Not usually included with other firms.

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                        Last night, I was speaking with a Cretan friend in the car rental business about this very subject ie the lack of rental cars in the Chania area.  Apparently, the rental companies sell off their older cars at the end of the season and buy new cars in March / April.  However, and because of the ‘crisis’, a number of companies decided – having sold off their older cars last year – not to buy new cars this year.  This could be fear of having assets sitting around but more probably because they are finding it harder and harder to get loans from the banks.

                        We found a Company in the Chania area called Golden Wheel who rented my sister in law a small Hyundai for €30 per day including comprehensive insurance.

                        Cars are always hard to find in peak season but this year, because of the above, are even harder to find than normal.


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