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        We have a new build house which has a concrete tank for all the foul water. We were assured by the builder that we would not have to have it emptied, however everytime we have heavy rain, the tank fills up completely. The water is not getting in through the top, so it is obviously seeping in  under the ground. The builder is saying this normal and is because of the way the land lies (lower level + upper level retained by concrete wall).  My thoughts are that if it is because of the way the land lies then they should have used plastic or some alternative. Does anyone know if alternatives are available? Thanks

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            Hi, just a thought.
            Do your rainwater downpipes run to soakaways, or are they routed to the tank?

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                I don’t know where you are Nigel, but most of us live on some form of limestone which is highly permeable. This means the water table can rise and fall quite rapidly as seasonal rainwater travels underground to rivers and the sea, especially if close to areas of much higher ground.
                Is the tank maybe hemmed in by concrete retaining walls, foundations etc which slow the drainage of ground water? Up the road from us a swimming pool was dug touching the downhill side of a septic tank-which can’t be a good idea!
                Is your house near sea-level; foundation trenches for apartments in Almyrida filled with sea water and sealed cesspits requiring frequent emptying became the order of the day. Maybe you have enough garden available to relocate the tank in a more favourable spot?

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