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        -Well, this is what happened to me, in the last 5-6 wks…

        -I had a £££ acc in MARFIN (prev "LAIKI Cyprus Bank") -in Ay-Nik. -Opened it in ’06, to finance our move here..
        -As we live about 28-30kms away from there, AND the impossibility of the PARKING situation, I asked the girls in the branch to close my acc. and transfer what’s left (not much..) to EMPORIKI Bank in Mallia.

        -They asked for the IBAN of the acc to go, which I gave them…Then, I was told that I had to wait to find-out the "charges" -To my q. as to "how much" -no reply, except to wait until they get advise…-I said "roughly"?? _answer: c. 35-40eu. -So I said: In that case forget it, and give me the Cash" -To which I got: "We do NOT have it, We have to…order it fr…Athens!!" "We’ ll call you.."

        -After about a month, it appeared that they had some £££ sent -but not…enough!!!
        -About 2 weeks later, at last I was informed that the money …arrived…but NOT in Ay-Nik..(!) -but in..Iraklion(!) AND could NOT reach Ay Nik, as that would cost 160eu exra…(unless I was willing to pay!!)-(You can guess my reply..!!)

        -So, If I wanted (my) money, I would have to drive to Iraklion, in …KALOKAIRINOS Ave, i.e. the equivalent of…Oxford Str -(in…traffic that is!!)

        -So, I said "it s very difficult to do this, as I do not know Iraklion, and in that case can I have it in a Bank Transfer plse??"
        A.-"errr, Yes you can, but it s ..40eu"
        Q.-But, I m only asking for this as you DO NOT have the cash"
        A.-"Yes, but even having the Cash will incur expenses -It will cost you…£18" !!!
        Q.-"But how can you charge me for giving me back MY money"??
        A."The Bank has expenses in doing this"!!

        -So, to cut the.loooong story, I …accepted..
        -I drove to Kalolairinos Ave, getting lost for hours, receiving my first…Parking Ticket (80eu -but I paid immediately, and got a bargain -40eu..)

        -Totally pi**ed-off, I eventually arrived to the MARFIN branch, and told them why I was there..

        -The -very nice- man who served me, told me I was being charged …£21 -not £18 (..was the wrong amount..)

        -(It is obvious that here in Greece, the Banks are STILL un-checked…In the UK, weary of "Group-actions" against their thieving charges, the Banks can be "pushed around" a little…Here this day will still take some time..)

        -But, I still thought I should tell everybody about this…

        -Remember the name..M-A-R-F-I-N..!!

        -I have to say however, that the staff in the branch, especially Sophia and Ioanna, are excellent and helpfull, BUT, they have to follow orders…from…"above"… >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

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