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        For anyone new to this Forum and notice the break between 2007 and 2009, note that it is due to loss of files when site and back ups were attacked.

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

        lea and lou
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            [split] [link=][splithere][/link][splithere_end]

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                How about deleting the above adverts and locking this topic?

                How about a requirement that, when an item is SOLD, the advertiser should click MODIFY and change the subject line to SOLD? That way we wouldn’t have the annoyance of reading all the way through an ad, only to discover "sold" hidden away in the text or in the last post.

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                    Hi MartinP

                    I get what you are saying.

                    I overlooked the wrong placement of the ads which date back to 2010 in this thread so they are now moved and this thread can be closed. 

                    I too get frustrated when items are sold and the members selling do not come back to notify the forum of a disposal of an item. There are merits to your suggestion of changing the subject line. I like to keep things as simple as possible though based on the forum software set up. This means I prefer to appeal to those posting classifieds to write a final post to the effect an item has been disposed of rather than adjusting the header.



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