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Coronavirus: Greek Dentists and how they must operate under the Pandemic

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        So, dentists across #Greece and of course #Crete returned to work this week after the pandemic lockdown.

        According to the Hellenic Federation of Dentists (HFD), all recognised practitioners have to respect and obey the health precautions and careful management of appointments as announced on April 30th, 2020.

        A key condition is that appointments are having to be scheduled with an hour between them.  Furthermore, the  HFD has laid out how dentists must take extra care in themselves with protective gear and to more diligently clean working surfaces after each patient.

        It goes without saying that we are used to to being forced to wear face masks and gloves at enclosed locations. The dentist’s is no different. Considering the need for extra health precautions against infections, each patient be seen to arrive at a dentists durgery with a face mack and immediately upon arrival disinfect their hands.

        When Making an Appointment

        While making the appointment, your dentist needs to b aware of your current health circumstances. He/she is supposed to ask the following of you:

        a) have you been tested for Covid-19? The result?

        b) are you or any family members in obligatory quarantine? If yes, when did it begin?

        c) Have you in the past three days shown any signs that include a cough, fever, headache or a sore throat?

        To answer ‘yes’ to any of the signs means an appointment cannot be made earlier than two weeks time.

        You have to go alone to your appointment unless it is for a child or you have provable reason to be helped.

        For anyone not familiar with dentists in Greece, my experiences have always been positive and that the level of care and attention to patients is excellent, overall. More importantly private dentists price their services fairly. There are of course exceptions and circumstances across Greece. But if you were coming for a holiday break to the Greek islands, do not think twice about getting emergency treatment if required when you get here.


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