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        Can anyone who has brought their pet back to the UK  tell me what the airlines charge for this? My son’s girlfriend is returning to Scotland from Crete and is hoping to bring their cat with her.  Would be grateful for any advice and what would be the best and cheapest way to do this. 

        Many thanks. 

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        The Cats Pyjamas Rescue
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            We send rescue kittens/cats all over Europe by air except the UK due to the disproportionate fees.

            To fly a kitten to the UK the airlines require an escort so you pay for a passenger ticket then a further fee is levied for “handling” approx £500 so cats can be processed at the approved UK airports.

            In January we had a UK adopter come forward & she paid to bring her Greek kitten to the UK. It was cheaper to get a volunteer to escort the kitten via Athens to Amsterdam & the adopter showing great fortitude drove via the Euro tunnel to pick her up!

            We use volunteers or approved “van men” driving to the UK to take our cats/kittens.

            If you need any further help send us an email or PM:



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