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        Hello everyone

        The technical side of any forum not just this one is getting more and more complex. So I reluctantly pass along this latest piece of advice. But it is also helpful when applying to the use of other word documents in other situations not just copying and pasting messages from them into this forum.

        What am I talking about? The answer is how you can help this forum run smoothly by creating messages in the simplest ways that will not conflict with this forum’s software:

        1. Best of all is to create your thoughts in the message window directly from your keyboard and utilise the various tools above the posting window. Just look at what you can you use? You can change the text — Bold, italics, underline, highlight, insert a url link, insert an email address link, the choice of coloured text, spacing, align left, align right, justify and centre, and more… it all makes posts more interesting to look at without any effort.

        2. If you must create in another document before you post in the forum, then AVOID doing so in a word programme such as those developed by Microsoft and Apple. Or if you do, make sure you create in a simple text file document which is also often part of the software in the Microsoft and Apple and other word programmes. What you may not realise is if you just open a "new document" in Microsoft Office/Word for example it automatically sets it up with full code (there are many additional options RTF, DOC, HTML, XHML etc). This you can see when you choose a button that will say "source" or See source" or the like….. it will look like the heiroglyphics of a webpage… If you must use such software then choose to save in text only format…… dont just work in such a document and copy and paste without even saving such a document – that still contains undesirable code…. until to choose the text only option.

        What is the reason for this need?

        Creating in text is the cleanest form of typing i.e. without any kind of html markup or placing of codes hidden behind the words and paragraphs you type as mentioned above..

        This is important because often word file documents fully coded can and do conflict with other software. This happens when you copy and paste a normal word document into the posting in the message window you use in this forum. 

        To your eyes however you may think there is no problem when you look at any copy and pasted word processing document such as in .doc as your message. But when you click save and the message is posted there can be changes in format, spacing, look of the message etc. If you had copied and posted in text file format only, this would not happen.

        I am typing this message directly from my keyboard into the posting window.
        That means it is a "clean message" and I can choose a tool item from this board such as a "smiley"  like this one (a selection of them below the window)  or this one is this forum’s software. The code it is generating is YaBB code for the posting. It is in the generating of the code and then when saved if you had prepared your post in a word processing document then Yabb code will likely clash with Windows or Apple codes from their software programmes.

        The reason I bring this up is the Internet is getting more and more complicated and by drawing this to your attention can help make this forum run more smoothly. And yes the same applies to all other forums that use their own coded software, in case you are wondering, and if you thinking how complicated BritsinCrete Forum is. One re-assurance is that we are very secure and the software is highly regarded by the software development industry.

        This is just to let you know and how you can help to keep this forum running really smoothly. 

        PS- Dont forget how you can preview your message before posting….. look to the top left position above the posting you have created, there is the ‘Preview" button with an arrow. Just click on that and you can see the end result prior to saving and posting. No composed message will be published until you click "save".

        I really hope that is helpful. It is a long explanation for a simple action but I appreciate not everyone is so involved with the Internet and know all the ins and outs…. I am sure I have got it mostly correct but our resident experts will surely correct me when my own layman’s limited knowledge needs a little tweaking to be more coherent.

        Thank you 


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            Some forums (rarely this one!) pop up an error message after you click "Post Message". Such an occurrence is extremely frustrating because you don’t know whether your ten minutes of typing have been lost or not. To play safe, you probably click "Back" then "Post" again, which can result in duplicate posts – frustrating for you, for other readers and for forum Mods who have to clean it all up!

            So type your lengthy message in "Notepad" (Windows) or in "TextEdit" (OSX) and save it as "Plain Text" on your computer. Then copy-paste your plain text into the forum message window, add any formatting and click "Post Message". If anything goes wrong, you have a copy safely saved in your "Documents" folder (or wherever you chose to save it).  :)

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