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        Hi, Binx – I must look into this (if I can remember to!).

        medical students would probably learn more about faulty tissues and organs in the couple of months they’d be dissecting me, than they would in years’ worth of clinical practice.

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            Not much is heard about being cremated in Greece caused by the staunch traditionalists of the Orthodox Church. They have slowed the government’s efforts to build crematoria even though the law has long since been passed (see earlier posts).

            We have been covering this topic over the years. But what a sad state of affairs has been reached for a chap in Athens/Corfu as reported by the BBC website on May 3.


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                Board a ship when you start to feel unwell. 8-)

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                    It just goes to show how religion is the all powerful ruler – to be able to overrule the government in this way. What happened to common sense and the practicalities of this issue? It will no doubt all be down to money. My thoughts on religion and morality:

                    Morality: Doing what’s right regardless of what you are told.

                    Religion: Doing what you’re told regardless of what’s right.

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