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        We have been informed that some persons, using pseudonyms, are trying to present our company CRETANAGORA as not trust worthy.

        Cretanagora is NOT a building company and has never been taken to court for fraud or any other reason, as insinuated by “Trust me”.

        They base their allegations on a misjudgement of ours, five years ago!  We introduced two well-known engineers (25 years of experience) with whom customers signed their building agreements. The engineers did not honour their commitments on time. We stopped co-operating with these engineers.  The owners have been living in their new homes and have been legalised for some years, except one couple. It was rather a question of patience than trust!
        Nevertheless, we were very unhappy we were involved in that situation and helped those we were in a position to help.  The ones we could not help had the services of a well-known solicitor in Rethymnon, who was better equipped to help them.

        “Trust me” – We did try to help you also, at that time, but you chose not to accept our help. That is why, as you know, you say now you still have problems with those engineers. So please do not try to present Cretanagora as not trust worthy. The ones who took our advice avoided any problems.

        “Scorpio” – You say: “…would be willing to point you (new customer) in the right direction and have made many reliable contacts in the building sector…”!   You are a competitor who tries to damage Cretanagora by taking advantage of our misjudgement, five years ago.

        There is no need for anonymity. We know who you are because there is no trust even between yourselves! There are laws in Greece protecting ownership and the Cretan people welcome those who choose Crete to become their new home.

        “Spilisprite” – It is unfair to say that the quality was not good and that you paid more than you expected. You signed the Completion Agreement stating that you were satisfied that everything was done according to your Agreement.  This Completion Agreement is in our files and can be seen by anyone interested.  You yourself said that whenever you had a problem (whether caused by the builders or yourselves) the builders came and fixed it. We do not understand you, if you are not happy with the builders why do you call them to come and do various extensions to the house or other extra work for you every so often? Please could you stop threatening that you will tell people not to buy from us?
        We do not yield to threats or nasty competition; neither do we follow these methods. We never planned to harm or cheat anyone.  We always try our best to satisfy all our customers. Our business depends on this.  We are the same persons offering our services since 1993 and we will continue protecting our integrity, intending to continue working in this business.  Newcomers are welcome in our office in Spili, where we are open to discussion without hiding under pseudonyms.

        This is our official statement and we have no intention of becoming involved any further on this forum, which allows people to smear their competitors in an underhand way.

        Thank you for reading our statement.


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            Don’t pass our house with your customers in the back of your car. Please call in so we can talk to them because WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

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