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Crete Property: Q&A’s – buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations
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        Hi Everyone,

        I purchased some land near Sissi quite a few years ago and have just completed building a villa. We have been incredibly lucky with the builders who have done an amazing job so im now completing on the purchase of a second plot in the next couple of weeks.

        In order to fund some of the building of the second house I want to take out a loan on the first property but i’m finding it hard to find a bank who will lend on Greek property.

        HSBC in Athens advised that they would only lend if the property was in a large town such as Agh Nik or Heraklion and my house is in Pirgos so is classed as Rural.

        I have accounts with the Bank of Chania and they advised that they are only lending to small business and not on property.

        If anyone could point me in the direction of any bank who is currently lending in Crete then it would be fantastic.

        Kind regards


        PS Flying to Crete on Saturday for a week and really looking forward it. 8-)

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            I think Piraeus Bank has taken over nearly all the other banks so that’s your choice.

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