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        Cyta Payment Costs

        Sometimes front line customer service personnel manning the hotline in Greece can be incredibly helpful.

        I found such a person at the Cyta hotline 13811.
        In a few seconds they informed me:

        1. Cyta agents are not allowed to accept bill payments from customers. (That saved one unnecessary journey.)

        2. Each Cyta customer invoice a form on the back for payment via any ELTA branch (Post Office). They level a service fee of 1.75 euro, while the Banks "should" charge 1 euro.

        3. The best payment route by cash is the Bank of Cyprus if you have one close buy. They charge nothing.

        You would not know any of this from any regular bill you get. Although on the reverse it does list out the banks and their various payment options e.g. Internet Banking, phone banking etc.

        Of course there is no point trying to locate a Bank of Cyprus branch if you are going to have to spend petrol money to get there.

        The best option is in my opinion is the prearranged payment by credit card.  That a customer can do once the very first invoice payment has been settled.

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      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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