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        Did You Get This Benefit from the Greek Government as a Resident in Greece?

        Did you know about an enviromental scheme by the Greek government to reduce green house gases and cut electricity consumption, which ran between June and August, 2009?

        Did YOU, or any British or Irish resident in Crete or elsewhere in Greece you know, benefit from this project?

        This program, which allowed households to swap up to two old air-conditioners for new, energy-saving ones, resulted in 141,323 air-conditioning units being scrapped.

        This is more than three times the target, the Ministry of Development said in a recent statement.

        Basically, the "cash-for-old-air-conditioner-replacement-in-Greece" scheme offered 35 percent off the purchase price, up to a limit of 500 euro (US$700). The program was financed with up to 47 million euro (US$67 million) from European and national funds.

        Greece’s government expects to save more than 53 gigawatt hours of energy each year from the program and reduce the country’s carbon emissions by almost 47,000 tonnes.

        The original cash-for-old-air-conditioner-replacement-in-Greece  story can be found at Yahoo’s website:

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            There was plenty of information about it. But I suspect that many British or other comparatively recent arrivals would not have old enough units to qualify!
            They had to actually work too so you could not just try to replace ones that had already "had it" :)

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