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Did You Know WhatsApp Quietly Changed Default Settings May 20th

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        If You Do Not Believe Me about Facebook’s WhatsApp move, check for yourself

        It seems that every phone using the WhatsApp app has had their default settings changed to this new privacy vulnerability.

        This is true. When I received this tip off, I immediately checked my phone and indeed all settings had been changed to everyone instead of my contacts.

        I recommend you check your phone immediately if you have the WA app installed on it. Read on first….

        I think you’ll care when you find out what they have done on May 19th/20th, 2021 without our knowledge or chance to react to their move.

        What exactly did the WhatsApp techies do?

        They changed the group settings to include “everyone”as the default setting, that is what!

        What this means is that people you don’t know or even exist can add you to any group of their choosing, AND without you knowing anything about their move.

        Think of the kinds of people that might like to benefit off you?

        How about scammers and their messages, jokers (but no joke) and loan Sharks, or anyone else who wants to expose you to opportunists, etc.

        What can you do about this possible compromising situation?

        You can change the #WHATSAPP default settings in this step by step move:

        • 1. Get into your WhatsApp:
        • 2. Click three vertical dots, top right, choose Settings from dropdown list
        • 3. Click Account
        • 4. Then on Privacy
        • 5.  Find Groups, click
        • 6.  Change from (Everyone) button to (My Contacts) button
        • 7. Don’t forget to Click Done!

        Remember that WhatsApp is part of the #FaceBook stable of social websites. Recently they merged WA into the FB main database. Now it seems the latest move permits discreet access to your privacy without you necessarily knowing anything about it, and it won’t be illegal by the whatsapp terms and conditions, in my humble opinion and interpretation!

        Oh heck whats next?

        Do your Whatsapp contacts know about this? As the change in the mentioned default settings move was done quietly.

        May I say some of you reading this will say “so what’s the big deal”. I respect your opinion. But I really would appreciate when a major change like this takes place, at least give publicity.

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