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        Not strictly satellite etc but this area seems appropriate.
        We’ve only just moved here and are novices at just about everything! I’m considering buying an LCD TV which I guess will have a digital tuner. The question is, what free-to-air channels will this give me? Is it like the UK with Freeview etc or are Cretan terrestrial channels very limited in number? The answer will no doubt lead on to questions about costs of satellite etc….but that’s for another day!
        All advice gratefully received……..

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        lea and lou
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            Hi and welcome to Crete,

            The simple answer is yes the Cretan terrestrial channels are very limited in number, What you can receive depends on your location,we live at sea level surrounded by mountains so we don,t even bother with an antenna, we have two sat dishes one for hotbird with gives you nova and many more,and one for Astra 2 for sky.

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                We only have Greek terrestrial TV.
                We can receive 14 channels.Some do not have a perfect signal others are very good . There are 4 Cretan TV channels.
                Most of the films are in english with greek subtitles plus there are many other english speaking programs.
                there are also many football games shown live.
                Last week there were games most evenings,Champions league,Europa cup,one evening there were two games one after the other
                If you want to learn the greek language think it is best to watch Greek TV,you are absorbing the sense of the dialogue and the intonation,also Petroula is amazing to watch on Star Weather,she does a bit of political comment with the forecast 

                Gavalochori Geezer
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                    I’m with Latsida on the benefits of having terrestrial tv (analogue only like the radio for the foreseeable future), although most of the time we watch the selection of Sky channels available in Crete. Back to Greek tv, in the Apokoronas we can get more than 20 channels – national and Cretan plus 1 French & 1 Italian when reception allows – from the Malaxa and Akrotiri transmitters which are both clearly visible from where we are. As stated, you get films and US series with English soundtracks on most Greek channels though the sound can be dodgy and the adbreaks take forever! The Cretan channels are very handy for local news stories and weather, and even the advertising can be welcome as it can put you in touch with local shops and services. Teletext is available on some national channels, and finding your way around it develops your Greek a bit.

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                        I had to laugh at the comment about Ad breaks.
                        The night before we left to come home to the UK, we settled down at 9 pm to watch a 120 minute film – we eventually got to bed at 01:30!
                        In Skopi I put up a broadband aerial ( cost 22 Euros ) on a 2 metre piece of metal tubing ( cost 11 euros including two wall fixings  – cable was another 7 euros for 4 metres) and pointed the aerial in roughly the same position as others in the village – tuned in the tele and got 24 channels.
                        Cost of DIY aerial fit -40 euros, cost for someone to do the same job was quoted at 140 euros!
                        Looking forward to seeing some interestin seasonal programs when we come out at Christmas – providing the aerial hasn’t fallen down!

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