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EasyJet :: Now Hands free Carry Bags

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        Another little innovation from EJ on all flights including Crete and Greece?

        No kidding, for £4 you can relieve yourself now of all bag responsibility and check in hand luggage, as well. The bag will be tagged and given a priority label to come out on the carousel first.

        Aha, here is the catch, easyJet no longer guarantees you will be able to take into the cabin ANY bag.

        To a lot of youngsters, £4 will seem nothing. #Easyjet says this new offer is intended to appeal to those who do not check-in a bag in the first place.

        Anyway, the announcement was made by the "Ancillary Revenue Director".
        That says it all.

        A version of the story at:

        Final thought – perhaps now we will all be forced to wear clothing that has lots of pockets, before that right is taken away….. Flying easyJet these days is not ‘easy’ at all especially for the retireds in the group. Forced to pay through the nose seems to be the way it is going.

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