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Encouraging News on #Property Interest in #Greece

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        Anyone trying to sell their property on Crete, Corfu or in the Peloponnese?

        It seems there is good news.

        I have just read an encouraging article (if you are not a total cynic as to its source) as follows:

        “Greeks are prepared to take more pain, and many will do anything to avoid losing their homes after they have lost so much else. Interest from buyers is focused on Crete, Corfu and the Peloponnese and the typical budget is €200,000 to €250,000. “Typically buyers are looking for a holiday home to which they can retire to after a few years,” he says.”

        Excerpt taken from: 

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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            That article specifically mentioned the huge increase of interest by Russians and then Italians.

            Separately I would like to say, that for the Brit Expats, because of the infrastructure on Crete it is still popular for the Retirees.

            I think because of the 23% now for rebuilds, that anyone trying to resell, may find it a bit easier as the taxes are lower compared to new build. There are still small properties for less than 100,000

            Separately if you are from the UK and thinking of retiring to Crete. Something worth reading up on, if you have a UK pension


            go the tabs ‘Pensioners & early retirees’ also the tab ‘moving abroad’ I quote part of the second green tip

            The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides useful information about Help for British nationals living abroad on the GOV.UK website, including what UK benefits are available to Britons living abroad.

            However, there are circumstances in which you might be entitled to healthcare paid for by the UK. This depends on whether you want to live abroad permanently, or only work outside the UK for a set period. The assistance available only applies within Europe and can also depend on whether or not you receive a UK State Pension or other UK benefits. For more detailed information see the Living and working abroad section, below.

            There is more to read, but in my opinion, worth reading up on.

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