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        132237292136312D30430 wrote: Well I am actually breaking the rules with my ISA, as the interest paid on it goes back into the account therefore increasing my holding.
        I have also opened a new savings account using my sister’s (and mine) address.
        The company makes money on my savings, I earn interest, and the government makes money through tax paid on the interest, it’s a win win win situation so I can’t see the problem.
        All things considered, do I really care if it is illegal – nope!!!

        A realistic attitude to take, Peebee !!

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            Please be very careful what you post. Peebee you post that you are blatantly breaking the rules! You don’t know who is reading this. I currently work for the civil service, until 2 years ago it was with HMRC.

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                Thanks for the warning, but why would HMRC be interested in stopping me paying them money, that’s all they get from me as I have no other form of income (apart from my online poker winnings that is).

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                    If anyone has any new updates on this topic I would love to hear them !!!!!

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                        Might be better to have UK address for tax purposes and if the 183 day rule is imposed. Taxes much higher here than UK so better to be financially based in the UK! ;)

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