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EU Citizens :: Help Us Improve Awareness of Your Rights in Greece

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        Can You Help INCO organisation create a simple manual on the How to Correctly Transfer Your State Healthcare on Retirement to Crete

        INCO – The International Community Organisation of Agios Nikolaos, Vice President Barbara K,  is appealing for helpful advice and general information from EU nationals to know how to transfer to Greece their full reciprocal health care rights, especially those of retirement age, settling down in Crete.  The  INCO shout out is asking for those Cretan residents from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and other EU origins to come forward to help Barbara put together a basic manual of the process involved to transfer from your home country’s social security system and transfer to the Greek Healthcare system. In other words – who to contact in their home state to get their ‘S1’ papers for retirees and then the follow through process locally at the Greek municipality level.

        S1 Document Definition

        An S1 form, as known in the UK is a document issued by the national Insurance authority to be presented to the Greek national health system that the person is entitled to reciprocal government healthcare, upon retirement and upon taking up residence in Greece. On that basis the holder is fully entitled to similar Greek state healthcare as they would receive under their coverage back in their home country.

        Retired Dutchman Running in Crete

        “Jogging in Crete” Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel  on Unsplash

        Brits in Crete Caught Up In the Brexit Transition Period Highlighted the Healthcare Issue

        A significant proportion of INCO members are from Britain. This is why retirement and health issues have ironicly come under the spotlight for EU newcomers settling down in Crete. At the same can be said over uncertainties that arose over transfer of  UK driving licences. Barbara has been hot on the heels of that one and is working closely with the local Ministry of Transport office.

        Unfortunately the issue of #Brexit and the transitional time period for Brits in Crete to straighten out bureaucratic bottlenecks, has highlighted just how many people coming to Crete continue to have limited awareness of their reciprocal rights and/or have found issues related to healthcare provisions through no fault of their own.

        Let us recap. Barbara for INCO is making this ‘help’ appeal to those residents locally who are from Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, etc and would be aware of which processes a citizen from any of those countries needs to go to obtain the necessary transfer papers from their governments to be presented to Greek government offices to maintain their state health care on a reciprocal basis.  And, then combine such information with the requirements of local Greek officials in the Lassithi area. The resulting documentation will be shared with INCO members and hard copies made available to the local offices of KEP (citizens’ information centres) and IKA (social security system). All things being equal, this effort should then provide a good benchmark to be applied to other local Greek administrations.

        While this appeal is directed to members of INCO in Lassithi Prefecture, I felt it would be helpful to spread the word wider to gain more responses as a further means to support fellow EU compatriots wherever they may live in Crete/Greece.

        If you are from any EU country and can help in this call for helpful information on how how to obtain an S1 tyype document from your home government, please visit  directly to the INCO News website, where you can contact Barbara directly if you can help.

        You can post general comments below as well (as a member).

        Postscript: INCO is a genuinely helpful organisation and can help smooth the bureaucratic hurdles that crop up in local government. Rest assured dedicated people like Barbara and fellow board members at INCO, are working with the local authorities to ensure that all EU nationals living in Greece are aware of their rights and the processes to access them. Naturally for most, top of the list is healthcare. Hence this shout out.


        also an INCO Member




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