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#Ex-pat Voting Rights UK

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        Expat Voting Rights in UK – You can Help – Abolish the 15 year Voting Rule – Make it Lifelong

        I have published info before from Anita Rieu-Sicart, Editor of an expat newsletter in France ( Anita advocates that British ex-pats should be treated equally with UK residents as British citizens. 

        She says that up until now she felt that no one was listening in Government, no one cared, and that little was being done – we were being betrayed. She says not all is lost as she has located a devoted team, composed of professionals, politicians, and volunteers beavering away on our behalf.
        Whether they will succeed, she just don’t know.   Nothing is certain. We still all have to put our shoulders to the wheel, we have to lobby, plead, and support our case for the right to vote, as British Citizens, wherever we live.
        We should all now be lobbying all the members of the House of Lords as the debate starts Monday 29 October on who may vote on the amendment to repeal the 15 year rule, and also for the streamlining of the voting system, to make it easier for ex-pats to vote.
        Previously, in the debates on the Electoral Reform Bill, was that Geoffrey Clinton-Brown, appeared to back track by withdrawing an amendment that asked for life time voting rights for British Citizens, repealing the 15 year rule, that we all find so regressive.
        This amendment will be raised by Lord Lexden in the House of Lords, on 29 October, and then will be debated in the Lords 11 November, a historic date for all people.
        And much of course depends on majorities in the Lords, party groupings, and specifically independent thinking from Cross benchers in the Lords.
        That is where now we all must come in, and try our best to persuade all those with voting powers of the justice of our campaign.
        We have reason and logic on our side.   How can a country that prides itself on being the Mother of Parliaments, which is actively espousing democracy, voting rights, everywhere else in the world – Libya, Syria, Egypt, you name it – deny voting rights to so many of its own citizens, for arcane reasoning, and make voting for ex-pats so incredibly difficult.
        Already amendments are in place to make voting possible via computer for all those in the UK by 2014. It can only be a short stretch after that to make it possible to vote via computer for all, especially for those abroad. 

        The arguments we can put forward are as follows, if you agree
                1. We pay our taxes, wherever we are.
        2. We believe in and share core values, hard work, taking responsibility, looking after our children, and our parents to the best of our ability – how many thousands send their children back to the UK for their education?
        3. We are all linked, worldwide, we have computers, read newspapers online, communicate, network, Skype, follow the affairs of the UK online perhaps better that our fellow citizens, resident in the UK.
        4. We are the people who lay the groundwork for export contracts worldwide, who build up the UK GNP- yes the Royals fly in and do sterling work on trade missions, they are the cherry on the cake – but it is expats worldwide with the local knowhow, the contacts who do the essential groundwork for any trade mission. Expats are the entrepreneurs, who start  businesses, and bring home the bacon.
        5. We represent the UK wherever we go, and in the main, with great credit, we represent the best of Great Britain wherever we go, our political system, our system and idea of ”fair play”, democracy and voting rights for all,   Nearly all expats do just that, and very willingly, bringing credit and respect to GB.  
        We must lobby the Peers, saying to them:
        “Play your part, give us back the right to vote. Make it simpler for expats abroad to vote.”

        Full list of Lords members:
        Leader of the Labour Party in the Lords — Baroness Royall
        [ch8232]The Liberal Democrat leader Lord McNally
        Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay
        Lord Wallace of Tankerness
        Lord Tyler
        Lord Norton of Louth
        Lord Jones
        Baroness Byford  
        Lord Bates
        Lord Astor
        Lord Lothian
        Lord Rennard
        Lord Patten
        Lord Garel-Jones 
        Baroness Boothroyd 

        If you agree with this move, please send an e-mail to their Lordships and Ladyships.

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            3A3F3632355B0 wrote:
            British ex-pats should be treated equally with UK residents as British citizens. ………………support our case for the right to vote, as British Citizens, wherever we live……………….We have reason and logic on our side   

            There is neither reason nor logic in this!

            If you live, work and pay taxes in Greece why should you have a vote in the UK? The decisions made by the UK parliament do not affect you. There is already dissatisfaction that Scottish MP’s, who have their own parliament, can vote on issues that only affect England. To give a vote to ex-pats would only make this situation worse.

            The only exception to this should be people who, although living abroad, are taxed in the UK (e.g. many pensioners). “No taxation without representation!”

            If you wish to campaign for anything I would suggest that “Everybody who pays taxes in Greece should have a vote in Greek government elections” would be far more relevant to the readers of this site and have far more “reason and logic” behind it.

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                I agree entirely Herby.

                I would not vote in a country that I do not live in.

                maybe all the people who are eligible to vote and  live in the UK should be required to vote,  at the moment quite a sizeable percentage of the population do not do so.

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