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Exact Moment of Brexit, Parliament to Vote

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        Prime Minister Theresa May now says whatever the terms of the United Kingdom leaving the #EU, the exact time has been added to the EU Withdrawal Bill

        What is the day and time of #Brexit?

        FRIDAY, March 29, 2019, 23:00hrs (11pm) GMT/UTC

        ………..and for Greece time it will be 0100hrs, March 30, 2019…… and the same for Cyprus…….Romania… Bulgaria…Finland…for example….all are on East European Time….

        What is the reason for this 11pm hour as it seems odd at first?

        The European Commission(EU) has set the hour of Midnight on the chosen date. Their reason is that most of the EU, including Brussels is one hour ahead of the UK.

        By the way, Portugal is on the same time as #Britain, while other members of the EU: #Bulgaria #Cyprus, #Finland and #Greece are 2 hours ahead of UK time. 

        There you have it. For all your astrological charters of our destiny, please look into your crystal balls and let us know what is ahead of us. Good or otherwise.

        For me it is our #Freedom again, with our own decision making over our destiny, not by some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Brexit it is, whether we like it or not.

        So that means for us, who will be in Greece and Cyprus, for example will know that Brexit will be at 0100hrs on March 30, 2019!

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        Edited:added marquee scroller of Greek time (EET)GMT+2hrs

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