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Expat Reminder :: UK Tax Returns 2017 Deadline Looms

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        .. on January 31st, 2018. With an automatic £100 fine for late filing, and then by three months if overdue, the collective fines and penalties can quickly reach £1,000.  

        With this online filing process if you have misplaced your access code at HMRC, just click the link. But we warned it will come anytime after 7-10 working days for anyone in Greece or other outside UK addresses. That is a bummer as probably we are all too late if we have not yet filled the online tax return.
        Now, that is if we even have cleared the identity check required via Government Gateway to access the Gov.UK site. Oh how complex the world is becoming.

        Some research somewhere has shown that quite a number of us spent Christmas Day doing the arduous filing task. Moreover the fastest of us took between 1-3 hours, but it was more likely that most of us were pre-occupied for up to 5 hours. For some even took 10hrs. So much for Christmas Day. 

        Recap: Self-assessment returns for the tax year April 6, 2016 until April 5, 2017 are due for filing online by midnight on January 31, 2018.

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