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        The Answer: 5 Tests!  If you are in your 80’s – As per the Latest Advice from the Driving Licence Office in Agios Nikolaos


        No, not driving tests, medical tests!

        It seems that if you wish to convert your UK driving licence to a Greek driver’s licence, and you are in your 80’s, then you need five not the three standard tests for retirees to be medically cleared to enable the application to proceed.

        The local K.E.P. office (Greek Citizen’s Advice Bureau) has informed the foreign residents association, INCO that indeed the three additional tests are essential for the application to proceed to transfer your British licence into a .

        So, as well as the:

        • General check up and
        • Ophthalmological test,

        you also need to be certified as being:

        • 1. fully mentally agile,
        • 2. that the heart beats are regular and
        • 3. breathing does not interfere with one’s abilities to handle a vehicle.

        To fulfil the medical requirements a person in their 80’s, needs to set up an appointment with an accredited professional:

        • a psychiatrist,
        • cardiologist and
        • ENT specialist (Otorhinolaryngologist)

        A key point on choice of Medical Professional

        All specialist doctors have to be in the same prefecture as to where your application will be made. They must also be acceptable to the local driving licence office and on their approved list.

        What are the Costs Involved for these mature drivers?

        Based on what we at the BritsinCrete Forum know, that for the Agios Nikolaos area, the general medical check up and Ophthalmology tests hit the pocket for around 40 euros, therefore the full gamut could cost €100 or more.

        What applies to #Crete when the #British drivers in their 80’s want to transfer their UK licence to a Greek licence, will also apply in all of #Greece.

        Check your local prefecture driving licence issuing office to know who are the qualified medical doctors who can carry out the required specialist check up tests.

        You can contact the admin at this Brits in Crete Forum by email for the approved doctors in the Agios Nikolaos area.

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